Our main tool is the programming environment VVVV — a reliable and flexible toolkit from Germany for developing public installations.

You can also order from us: C# plug-ins to manage different devices and HLSL DX11 shaders for graphic effects.

We use state-of-the-art web technologies for content management and synchronization via web interfaces.

Our applications are tailored to the exact configuration of the equipment to provide the best quality interaction.

We have extensive experience working with 4K Multi-screen setups, multi-touch screen, Kinect, micro-controllers, Oculus Rift, custom controllers and Artnet-DMX devices.

OS Windows 7 and later

Intel Core i5, 8Gb RAM, 120 Gb SSD, Nvidia GTX 660, LAN

The ideal condition for testing and debugging the software is to have the equipment in our studio.

We offer two options if this is not possible: 
- our specialist will come to you and install the software on your equipment. 
- we will send you the installer, and if necessary debug through a remote PC system.

In general, on-site software installation takes 1-2 days, however, for complex or lengthy projects, we are ready to work on-site as long as necessary.